Apr 292014

Bitrains (B-trains) have been nationally authorized in Argentina!!!

I could start this newsletter describing the mosquito invasion we are suffering this warm start to autumn, however I have some fantastic news beats talking about the weather.

Last Wednesday April 23rd, our President surprised us all with the announcement that the legislation authorizing bitrains up to 30.25 metres long and 75 tons of total gross weight had been signed. In a moment where many provinces were pressed to enact similar legislation, the fact that now there is a national one they can adhere to is extremely helpful.

Flanked by her Transport and Industry ministers, the President invited Vulcano, a local semitrailer manufacturer, as well as the presidents of the paper, cement and metal manufacturers associations, and the president of the Federation of road transport companies.

I leave you here with an edited 2 minutes of her speech –with subtitles-

President’s Speech Authorising Bitrains Nationally

Of course, not all are roses and the battle for implementing the Bitrain legislation has just started. And, as in many countries that authorized these HCVs before Argentina, it won’t be a stroll in the park. Your presence at the next HVTT13 in San Luis, the province that first legislated Bitrains use in 2008, will certainly reinforce and help disseminate benefits and experiences in the region.

Talking about the HVTT13 preparations, they are going extremely well and I promise to write about them soon. We have around 70 abstracts accepted, from more than 60 organizations (equally balanced between universities, government and industry) and 20 countries. Regional interest has boosted with the local Bitrain legislation, so make sure to book your spot in the Hotel Potrero de los Funes as soon as you can (bookings and conference registration will open around mid May). Cabins for four people have been reserved just across the hotel, and there is a lot of other accommodation nearby, if you need more time anyway.

Cheers for now and see you in San Luis!


Dr. Alejandra Efron
Vice-President Central and South America, IFRTT.
HVTT13 Committees’Coordinator


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