Sep 042017

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First: a call for the HVTT15.  Second: the weather bulletin.

The HVTT15 (Rotterdam, October 2018) wants to give room for young talent (YOUNG TALENTS SESSIONS) and offers a stage to organizations that want to show something special to the HVTT audience (SIDE EVENTS). These program components are next to the traditional plenary and parallel sessions. Look at the website how to register!

In more detail:

Are there young researchers in your surroundings who are a promise for the future? Do you think to be one? Just the mix of experience and the fresh look determine the adaptive ability of a knowledge organization like the IFRTT. Therefore, during the 15th edition of the HVTT in Rotterdam, there will be special YOUNG TALENTS SESSIONS in which young researchers and the audience will debate. The three most promising young researchers will be nominated for the YOUNG TALENT AWARD, of which only one can be the winner…

HVTT15 offers, with the SIDE EVENTS, a stage for organizations to generate extra attention. On stage much is possible. Do you want to let the world know about a brilliant idea? Or do you want to check a concept idea if you are on the right track? May be in the setting of a workshop? Show the (intermediate) results of a very successful project? Do you want the signing of an agreement not to be an in-crowd party? Let the HVTT audience share in a success? A moment of fame for your multilateral partnership? The most important admission criteria for the SIDE EVENTS are that there must be more than one party involved, preferably multilateral, and that there is no commercial objective. The HVTT15 invites you! Show us your idea, and we will look together what is possible.

Meanwhile, people in the world are writing abstracts for the HVTT15. The first are trickling in. The deadline for submitting the abstracts is 31st of October 2017. It seems far away, but before you know it is already late October. We hope to be able to offer an interesting program in Rotterdam in October 2018. It is built on your contributions! The organizing committee of the HVTT15 begins to come on steam. We are looking forward to it!

Then there always is the weather. It is late summer in Europe. This summer, Southern Europe suffered from high temperatures, approaching or even over fifty degrees. It’s no news anymore that records are being broken everywhere in the world by extreme weather. Look at Southern Asia and Texas, USA.

The north of Europe, on the other hand, had a mild summer. A little on the cold side for the time of year and every day a chance of a rainfall. In the Netherlands we say: a typical Dutch summer.

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