D Cebon

Feb 082017

Dear subscribers! For weeks already rain- and snowfall are below normal winter conditions. In the river Rhine the water dropped to extreme low levels. Because vessels can’t be fully loaded, all vessels that are able to sail are into service. The prognosis is that with climate change low water will occur more often. For a […]

Jan 022017

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere, With the excitement of HVTT14 in November I overlooked the fact that it was my turn to write the monthly newsletter is November.  I apologise for the oversight.  To those of you who attended HVTT14 in Rotorua, I would like to offer my thanks for your contribution towards making it a […]

Sep 212016

At last, after an unusually warm first two weeks of September, the cool autumn morning breeze has arrived to Beijing. Day temperatures are comfortable, but at night the mercury drops enough to enable a good night’s sleep without the disturbing noise from air conditioners. We are still a few months away from the freezing dry […]

Aug 192016

Dear IFRTT subscriber I’m sure that the highlight in terms of heavy vehicles in South Africa during July was the two “Smart Truck” courses that were held in Pretoria and Cape Town earlier in the month. Les Bruzsa, Chief Engineer at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in Australia, and one of the PBS doyens […]

Jun 012016

Greetings from the almost wintery south, The weather here has been extraordinarily mild over autumn (fall for the North Americans).  The daytime highs in May have typically been 21-22 degrees C which is 3-4 degrees above the historical average.  Today is officially the start of winter  and it is noticeably cooler with a high of […]

Dec 222015

Dear All, Christmas is approaching fast. Last Saturday 19th, I and my family went back to Sweden for Christmas and New Year celebrations. It has been a very busy year with some very meaningful achievements. From a road transport efficiency point of view, the most rewarding result of the year is that after years of […]

Oct 122015

The regulations for the use of B-doubles in Argentina have finally been officially published!   Hi everybody, I am still jumping up and down of joy –which given the allegedly spring temperatures we are experiencing in Buenos Aires, is not a bad idea. This past Thursday, October 8th, we woke up to the big news. […]

Jul 312015

Greetings IFRTT members, This month’s newsletter comes to you from the deep south.  We are now in the middle of our winter and this year in Auckland it has been unusually cold over the last month or so.  Night-time temperatures have dropped to the low single digits (centigrade) and daytime temperatures have been around 12 […]

Jun 252015

Dear all, It is my great pleasure to write this, the first IFRTT Newsletter from Asia. The timing could not be better. I am right now in Sweden for meetings, but just the other day I received a phone message from Mr Feng Feng of ACEA China (The European Automotive Manufacturers’ Association) that the provincial […]

Jun 062015

Dear IFRTT subscribers! A Dutch author marked the start of spring by the day that women go out on the street wearing skirts. In Holland we start taking off our clothes as soon as temperatures pass 15 degrees Celsius. Warm days are scarce. He called it ‘rokjesdag’: (short) skirt day. Unfortunately we had a relatively […]