Nov 292010

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriber, During the first week of November I spent a most enjoyable week in Berlin (what a majestic and interesting city!) attending the 5th meeting of the ISO/PC 241 committee, which had the task of reviewing the comments on Committee Draft 2 of ISO 39001, Road Traffic Safety Management Systems.  This is […]

Oct 082010

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriber, an European update. The weather is in its pre-hibernating and somewhat unruly stage and the birches are saying “see you next year” by glowing like unpolished gold. On the other hand, the economy has a springtime smell, at least in Northern Europe. A small and export-dependant country like Sweden (it is […]

Jan 082010

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriber, the snow is fairly deep in the middle and northern parts of Sweden, this brightens up your day and you are able to listen to the different temperature and humidity dependant sounds from stepping on it, my favourite being the “potato-flour” squeal when compressed. Slowly, we get accustomed to telling ourselves […]