Oct 032019

Step-by-step Hi everybody, Spring has arrived in Buenos Aires, and I love it! Lots of news to share with you in these past months in around South America. A mixed bag, as usual, but never a dull moment around here. Especially that most countries are undergoing presidential elections, some are doing financially better than others… […]

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Jul 292019

Dear IFRTT colleagues, I have two matters on which to report this month. Update on Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Law Review I introduced the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review to the Forum in the November newsletter. The part of the review most interesting to me is easy access to suitable routes. This is because the […]

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Jul 272019

Dear IFRTT Subscribers, As the new Vice-President Europe, please allow me to briefly introduce myself: I am a Senior Researcher in the Automotive Research Group at HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem, the Netherlands. In the past 10 years, I have worked on numerous research projects on both national and international levels, in the […]

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Jun 162019

Dear friends of the IFRTT As most of you are aware of by now the next HVTT16 will be held in China, organized by the Road Institute of Highways (RIOH), a policy institute under the Ministry of Transports (MOT). This event will be very meaningful as the impact of road transport on society is probably […]

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May 052019

Dear IFRTT subscriber In my last newsletter, in March 2018, I referred to the protest action (including the burning of trucks and looting of payloads) on some of the national highways in South Africa. Many of these actions were a means of expressing dissatisfaction with the employment of foreign drivers by SA transport companies. Unfortunately […]

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Mar 282019

Dear IFRTT subscriber, It was a pleasure to attend HVTT15 in Rotterdam where I was appointed the new IFRTT Vice President, North America. I wish to extend my gratitude to John Woodrooffe for the leadership he provided to IFRTT in this role. I look forward to working with IFRTT more closely in the future! Being […]

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Feb 192019

Dear IFRTT subscriber, Hopefully the new year started promising for you! In October I took over from John de Pont as president of the IFRTT. I want to thank him for having led the IFRTT so well and knowledgeably. There are plenty of challenges and developments in trucking that endorse the value of a global […]

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Dec 212018

This will be a short newsletter, before most of us close shop and get lost into “the season to be jolly”. Before I start, I would like to congratulate HVTT15 organizers for the level of presentations, discussions, events, as well as for the memorable trip to the port of Rotterdam on the last day. Not […]

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Nov 162018

Dear IFRTT colleagues, This is my first message to you as the new IFRTT Vice President Australasia & Pacific.  I wish to thank Dr John de Pont for his service in this position and for nominating me as his replacement. As there is never a dull moment in Australian road freight transport, I would like […]

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Aug 202018

Greetings from the wintry south, As I hear and see the news of European and Japanese heat waves and wild fires in North America and Scandinavia, in Auckland it is currently 15° C and cloudy which is reasonably typical for this time of the year. I am looking forward to HVTT15 in just under two […]

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