Jun 062015

Dear IFRTT subscribers! A Dutch author marked the start of spring by the day that women go out on the street wearing skirts. In Holland we start taking off our clothes as soon as temperatures pass 15 degrees Celsius. Warm days are scarce. He called it ‘rokjesdag’: (short) skirt day. Unfortunately we had a relatively […]

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May 092015

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriber As I’ve been thinking about heavy vehicle road transport issues in South Africa and the African continent that are worth mentioning in this newsletter, all seem to pale in significance compared with current and recent global events, such as the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal, and violent conflicts in the Middle East, […]

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Mar 042015

The theory of everything. Technology, legislation and politics. Hello everyone, and happy New Year (2015 and Year of the Goat). This is my first time to write a newsletter after the HVTT13 symposium. For those of you who made it to San Luis, I hope you have recovered from both the late nights and the […]

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Jan 312015

Greetings from the South, From next month we will be resuming the tradition of rotating the monthly newsletter around the regional vice-presidents to present a wider range of views.  However, because I was a bit slow in getting this organised, this month’s newsletter is again from me. Since December, the weather in New Zealand has […]

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Dec 192014

Greetings from the deep south, It is customary to begin these newsletters with a local weather report.  I have been holding off writing this in the hope of better weather.  Although it is now officially summer in New Zealand, recent weather has not been good with a lot of rain and wind.  Today, however, is […]

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Nov 242014

Dear IFRTT forum subscriber I have the pleasure to inform you that Dr John de Pont, who served as the IFRTT Vice-President for the Asia-Pacific Region since 2006 and as Treasurer since 2000, was elected as the new IFRTT President at the Board meeting held on 29 September at the HVTT13 conference in San Luis, […]

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Oct 212014

Dear IFRTT Forum subscriber It is with great sadness that I announce the passing away of our friend and fellow IFRTT Board member, Anders Lundström, at the age of 68.  A few months ago, Anders informed a few of his friends that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. During his last few months, one […]

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Jun 052014

Dear IFRTT subscribers! Every week my husband and I cross the border between The Netherlands and Germany while we live in the last and work in the first country. Occasionally there is a police check. Although we try to look very criminal, we always may drive on without even stop the car. We are living […]

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Apr 292014

Bitrains (B-trains) have been nationally authorized in Argentina!!! I could start this newsletter describing the mosquito invasion we are suffering this warm start to autumn, however I have some fantastic news beats talking about the weather. Last Wednesday April 23rd, our President surprised us all with the announcement that the legislation authorizing bitrains up to […]

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Mar 312014

Greetings from the South, Autumn has arrived here and the days are getting shorter but the weather is still very mild with maximum temperatures in the low to mid 20s. I thought I would keep this newsletter very short and just commend to you a television documentary which showed in Australia in early February.  The […]

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