Aug 202018

Greetings from the wintry south, As I hear and see the news of European and Japanese heat waves and wild fires in North America and Scandinavia, in Auckland it is currently 15° C and cloudy which is reasonably typical for this time of the year. I am looking forward to HVTT15 in just under two […]

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Jun 122018

Dear friends of IFRTT, China is at the center of world affairs. Firstly we have the looming trade war between the US and China (and now also Europe) and secondly we have the North Korea issue, where China has been playing an active, but low profile role to stabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula. […]

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Jun 042018

Dear IFRTT subscriber, after rereading April’s newsletter about South Africa, and while I am writing the May one, feels that the volatile aura brought by the 50th anniversary of what was known as “the May 1968 events” has taken over South America too! While I write this newsletter, Brazil is trying to come out from […]

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Apr 072018

Dear IFRTT subscriber I’m a little under the whip from the IFRTT President as this newsletter should have been sent out by end-March.  My apologies Mr President J South Africa has certainly been through some interesting times during the past few months: a new President, high profile court cases, ongoing critical droughts in some parts […]

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Oct 102017

Dear IFRTT subscriber The Performance-based standards (PBS) pilot project officially started in South Africa in Nov 2007 with the commissioning of two PBS timber vehicles.  In June this year the number of PBS vehicle kms reached 100 million with 245 PBS vehicles participating in the pilot project.  Most of these vehicles range in overall length […]

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Sep 042017

Dear subscribers! First: a call for the HVTT15.  Second: the weather bulletin. The HVTT15 (Rotterdam, October 2018) wants to give room for young talent (YOUNG TALENTS SESSIONS) and offers a stage to organizations that want to show something special to the HVTT audience (SIDE EVENTS). These program components are next to the traditional plenary and […]

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Aug 242017

More greetings from the wintery south, but from the other side of the world. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my question regarding safety statistical reports on High Capacity Vehicles. Your efforts have not been in vain, as I was told they were discussed on top of the table […]

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Jul 032017

Greetings from the wintery south, I apologise for the long gap between “monthly” newsletters.  I will try to ensure that it does not happen again. The first item for the newsletter is a sombre one.  Those of you who attended HVTT14 in Rotorua last November will remember Martin Hyde who organised the technical tour on […]

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Feb 082017

Dear subscribers! For weeks already rain- and snowfall are below normal winter conditions. In the river Rhine the water dropped to extreme low levels. Because vessels can’t be fully loaded, all vessels that are able to sail are into service. The prognosis is that with climate change low water will occur more often. For a […]

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Jan 022017

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere, With the excitement of HVTT14 in November I overlooked the fact that it was my turn to write the monthly newsletter is November.  I apologise for the oversight.  To those of you who attended HVTT14 in Rotorua, I would like to offer my thanks for your contribution towards making it a […]

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