Board Members


Board of Trustees, 2018-2020

List of Officers

Loes Aarts, Netherlands President
Karel Kural, Netherlands Vice President, Europe
Alejandra Efron, Argentina Vice President, South and Central America
Mats Harborn, China Vice President, Asia
Rob Di Cristoforo, Australia Vice President, Australasia and Pacific
Paul Nordengen, South Africa Vice President, Africa
Jonathan Regehr Vice President, North America
Dom Kalasih, New Zealand Treasurer
Sogol Kharrazi, Sweden Secretary
David Cebon, United Kingdom Information Officer


The new Board of Trustees of IFRTT elected 4th October 2018 at HVTT15

Members of the Board

Loes Aarts, Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
Tim Breemersch, Belgium Transport & Mobility Leuven
Les Bruzsa, Australia National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Australia
David Cebon, United Kingdom Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
Veronique Cerezo, France IFSTTAR
Erik Dahlberg, Sweden Scania
John de Pont, New Zealand TERNZ
Christopher de Saxe, South Africa CSIR, Built Environment
Rob Di Cristoforo, Australia Advantia Transport Consulting
Frederic Domprobst, France Michelin
Alejandra Efron, Argentina BrAle Consulting
Johan Granlund, Sweden Helgums Grus AB
Rich Hanowski, USA Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Zhang Hao, China RIOH
Mats Harborn, China Scania China Strategic Office
Gavin Hill, Australia Transport Certification Australia
Bernard Jacob, France IFSTTAR
Mårten Johansson, Sweden Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies
Dom Kalasih, New Zealand Z Energy
Sogol Kharrazi, Sweden Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)
Frank Kienhofer, South Africa Mechanical Engineering, Witwatersrand University
Ben Kraaijenhagen, Germany MAN
Karel Kural, Netherlands HAN Automotive Research
Lena Larsson, Sweden Volvo Group
Jacques Marmy, Switzerland
Paul Nordengen, South Africa CSIR Built Environment
Seamus Parker, Canada FPInnovations – Forest operations
Joop Pauwelussen, Netherlands HAN Automotive Research
Bob Pearson, Australia PTRC Pty Ltd
Jonathan Regehr, Canada University of Manitoba, Civil Engineering
David Rolland, Australia GHD
Salvador Saavedra Ceballos, Mexico
Alexia Fenollar Solvay, Germany Cybernetics Lab IMA & IfU, RWTH Aachen University
John Woodrooffe, USA Woodrooffe Dynamics LLC


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